Chaco creates high quality sandals and shoes for outdoor enthusiasts.
Suitable for any adventure from city walk to jungle.
Our unique Z strap system is fully adjustable for every foot type.

Z/Strap system

1 strap and 1 footbed, Chaco's unique strapping system fully wraps 360 degrees around your foot and is easily adjustable.
Buckle closure which can be fastened and loosened in 1 movement.

Our Fit

Chaco's Z/Sandals have a LUV-seat footbed, which provides perfect arch support and promotes a better posture. Comfort and support all day long.

Ultimate Durability

Chaco footbeds are made from PU (Polyurethane)
Why PU? Because unlike other materials, PU does not brake down or collapse over time.
This ensures durable and wear-resistant products.
Your feet will thank you.


Chaco outsoles are designed to provide the best traction on any surface and in the most extreme conditions. Made from our own CHACO-GRIP Rubber, durable and abrasion resistant.